Darin Shock is an artist/model hailing from the mean streets of Owensboro, KY. After 18 years in that glorious land of pop country, methamphetamine, and double negatives, Shock relocated to the progressive area of Murray, KY...home of the prestigious Murray State University (where he took his sweet ass time accumulating student loan debt while pursuing a worthless degree in Drawing).

Upon graduation, Shock embarked on a career in the arts after moving to Greater Cincinnati (which means NOT Cincinnati). There he focused on and created State of Shock Studios. The studio predominately produces gig posters, pop art, and people. Smelly people who have no regard for their Dad's authority!

Anyhoo, determined to be the greatest artist ever to emerge from Kentucky who doesn’t paint horses and has a verb for a last name (oh and a model), Darin Shock shall continue his quest to change the world...via pencil, paper, and Macintosh. He told me so.